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Pizza Boxes Baler Machine

Pizza is a savory dish, so it is quite popular all over the world. Global pizza sales can achieve USD144.7 billion in one year and it is in a growing trend especially in China. Pizza box is used for storing pizza for takeaway. So you can imagine there will be large quantity of pizza boxes are used and become scrap each year. How to dispose of these scrap boxes? First, we should know what is pizza box made of? Normally most pizza boxes are made from three-layer corrugated cardboard. So recycling pizza box is the ideal solution. A pizza boxes baler will be your first size reduction machine to save your transportation cost and makes the handling easy.

Pizza boxes recycling

Grease and oil are two of the worst contaminants that we should be take care of in pizza boxes recycling. Once pizza boxes are sorted and delivered to paper mill, it may have several weeks in storage. Then grease can turn rancid and may attract insects or animals. Also it is quite difficult to remove grease or oil completely. Once the remaining oil floats to the top of the slurry, it seems impossible to separate the oil from paper fibers. Sometimes this will ruin the entire batch. So if we want to avoid contaminating cleaning materials, we can cut off the clean parts of pizza boxes. The rest can be put in with compost or just throw them in the trash.

Pizza boxes baler in pizza boxes recycling

When you deliver large amount of pizza boxes to paper mill, it is necessary to compress the pizza boxes into dense bales for easy transportation and cost saving. SINOBALER have the wide range of different type of balers for pizza boxes baling. Whatever vertical or horizontal, manual or automatic baler, you can always find the suitable size and capacity baler for your own pizza boxes recycling. Just contact SINOBALER today.

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