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Plastic Baler Manufacturer

We have rich waste plastics resources in China. It is in very low cost. Recycling of these waste plastics is a good solution both for economy and environment. Plastic baler machine as a necessary size reduction machine in whole plastic recycling line, helps to improve plastic recycling efficiency as well as saving the transportation cost. There are many plastic baler manufacturers in the market. But choosing a professional and experienced plastic baler manufacturer can make sure baler machine’s longer lifetime and less maintenance during the operation.


Why people want to recycle waste plastics?

The waste plastic recycling can have many new solutions. Here we introduce typical 9 solutions:

  1. – Make fuel. The waste plastic recycling factory uses waste plastics such as food bags, waste woven bags, beverage bottles, plastic sole, wire and cable skin, foam lunch box, plastic toys and so on to produce high quality 90 fuel oil. 1 tons of waste plastics can produce about half tons of oil.
  2. – Produce waterproof antifreeze. The technology can use foamed plastic waste to produce glue.
  3. – Produce aromatic compounds. Japan uses PE and PP plastics scrap to synthesize aromatic compounds such as benzene, toluene and xylene. These materials are the raw material resources for chemical and pharmaceutical products, as well as fuel improver for gasoline.
  4. – Produce multifunctional resin glue. various FRP products in the industry use plastic scrap for production┬á because it can greatly reduce the production cost. In addition, it can make waterproof coatings, anti-rust paints and furniture putty glues. So it is a good replacement of various glass glues, wood glues and printing glues.
  5. – Produce automatic separating agent to separate aluminum and plastic.
  6. – Produce fireproof decorative board. It has wide applications in interior decoration, ceiling, and furniture manufacturing etc.
  7. – Produce plastic particles. A complete plastic recycling line includes crushing, cleaning, heating, plasticizing-extrusion as well as molding process. Using these special equipments, waste polyethylene and polypropylene can be processed to produce the best selling recycled granules.
  8. – Produce the King of the leak. It is an upgraded product of traditional waterproof materials used on the surface of houses.
  9. – Produce plastic woven bags. Sanye Town, Shanting District, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Proviince uses discarded white plastic products to produce plastic woven bags. This not only solves environmental pollution problems, but also increases farmer’s income.


Plastic baler manufacturer – SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete line of plastic balers for your wide options. Mini vertical baler, long stroke vertical baler, manual-tie horizontal baler, fully automatic horizontal baler and even L-type twin ram automatic horizontal baler are all suitable plastic baling solutions. Contact SINOBALER to find your best suitable baler machine now!


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