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Plastic Balers

Plastic waste is very common to all of us. Plastic’s flexibility makes sure it can handle large volumes of plastic packaging. From soft plastic packaging to hard plastic packaging, plastic packaging is always around our life and also in different industries. The question is how to handle these huge plastic waste efficiently, simply and conveniently. Definitely plastic recycling is the best solution both from environment and economy. Many recycling machines like plastic balers and shredders are good help in making whole recycling easy and efficient.


The type of plastics that plastic balers can handle

There are many different plastic balers in the market to suit different kind of plastic baling purpose. From plastic films, PET bottles to rigid plastic, plastic balers are always playing their role in reducing the size and making transportation and storage easy. In case there are some hard plastics are not easy to compress directly, Plastic shredder can help to reduce the size first and then use plastic balers for further compacting purpose.


Plastic balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER manufactures plastic balers that suitable for different kind of plastics. These plastic baling machines can process plastics into dense bales to minimize handling cost as well as maximize transportation savings.

SINOBALER long stroke baler is a vertical plastic baling machine which suits small amount compacting of plastic especially hollow plastics like PET bottles. Long stroke design can ensure full compaction of materials. SINOBALER manual-tie horizontal baler is a plastic baling machine which suit medium baling size requirement. This machine is very suitable for the baling of soft plastic and hollow plastic. SINOBALER fully automatic horizontal baler is a large horizontal plastic baling machine which suits for large amount of plastic baling purpose. It also provides efficient heavy compaction of different plastic waste.

Overall, plastic balers can help to reduce transportation and storage cost, contribute to a clean and green workplace. SINOBALER offers a range of different size plastic baling press machines. You can contact us to find the most suitable baler which can be tailored to your workplace.