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Plastic Basket Baler Machine

Basket is common and popular for harvesting, storing or transporting materials. In real life, you will find baskets in many applications. There are many materials available for making baskets. For example, wicker basket, straw basket, plastic basket, metal basket, bamboo basket, palm basket and carbon fiber basket etc. However, plastic basket is one of the most popular baskets due to its good features of low cost, ease of manufacture, versatility and imperviousness to water. But when large amount of plastic baskets are at the end of service life, how to dispose of them in a proper way? It is easy to answer that recycling plastic basket is the ideal solution because the raw material of plastic basket is recyclable. Then a plastic basket baler is a good help for easy transportation and handling.

Plastic basket recycling

Plastic baskets have many advantages to make them popular as a container. But plastic’s softness typically makes for a weaker container which means shorter useful life than that of metal container. Also plastics can only tolerate narrow range of temperatures which also cannot support for long service life. So there are a good amount of scrap plastic basket generating every year. In order to avoid landfill and save resources for new plastic production, plastic basket recycling makes great sense.

How to recycle plastic baskets? Simply, you can compress the plastic baskets into bales for easy transportation to plastic manufacturers or recycling center. Then plastic basket shredder or granulator can reduce the size to much smaller particles. Then they can make new pellets for new plastic production.

SINOBALER plastic basket baler

SINOBALER has several type of baling machines suitable for baling plastic baskets. Heavy duty dual ram baler, manual-tie horizontal baler and L-type two ram automatic baler are all available. For vertical baler, you can choose heavy duty dual ram baler. For horizontal baler, you can choose either manual-tie horizontal baler or L-type two ram automatic baler. So if you have plastic basket baling requirements, just send SINOBALER your ideal capacity and bale requirements. Our sales team will tailor your needs for the best suitable machine.

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