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Plastic Bottle Recycling Baler Machine

Since plastic bottles are widely available to store liquids like water, soft drinks, oil, milk and ink etc., the scrap of these large amount of plastic bottles become a big problem. Also the sizes of plastic bottles range from very small to large in different shapes and colors. But plastic bottles recycling really make great sense to both economy and environment. Plastic bottle recycling baler, shredder, granulator, sorting as well as washing systems are important machines to enhance the whole plastic recycling efficiency.

Transport plastic bottles after the baling through a plastic bottle recycling baler

Different kind of plastic bottles are collected. But how to deliver them to a recycling center or plant for further processing? A plastic bottle recycling baler can come to help. These plastic bottle balers can compress all kinds of bottles into dense bales in required bale size and baler weight. Also you can choose different balers with your baling capacity requirement.

Separate plastic bottles in different raw materials

Sorting is the important step before plastic bottles size reduction. Manual sorting and machine sorting are both applied in whole recycling system. Plastic bottles can be in HDPE, LDPE, PET, and PC etc. For example, water bottles, plastic bottle of antifreeze, and plastic bottle of milk are in different materials. But how to separate them? Separating plastic bottles by color is an easy and popular way. For metals, a metal detector can help to remove possible metals.

Size reduction and washing for plastic bottles

Plastic bottles shredders are for preliminary size reduction, while plastic bottles granulators are for further size reduction. To make sure final plastic pellets are clean, washing does a good job in whole recycling system. After transforming plastic bottles scrap into plastic pellets or flakes, we can make them to produce new plastic products.

Plastic bottle recycling balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several type of plastic bottles balers in our product range. Long stroke baler, manual-tie horizontal baler, single ram fully automatic baler and L-type two ram automatic baler are all working well to bale plastic bottles into high density bales. Contact SINOBALER today to have your own ideal machine.

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