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Plastic Container Baler Machine

What can a plastic container baler do?
Everyday we generate large amount of wate plastic containers. It includes shampoo bottles, milk bottles, food jars, etc.. Material of the cointainers usually are PET, HDPE, etc.. And these are all recylable. Recycling plastic containers requires reycling machines. A plastic container baler is one of them. It plays an important role during the reycling. Such baler is for flattening bulky plastic containers. As a result, the volume of the containers gets greatly reduced. And recyclers can much save on transport cost. In addition, handling the compact bales are much eaiser. Without the baler, recyclers can’t even find reycling the containers profitable. So we can say that no baler, no reycling activity for the platic container will take place.

How to choose a proper baler for plastic container?
There are many types of balers suitable for plastic containers. It mainly has vertical balers and horizontla balers. Vertical balers for plastic containers normally have long stroke. Because the long stroke feature can fully compact the hollow items. Also, the chamber of such balers need to be higher than normal. Otherwise you cannot load much containers during each feeding. As for horizontal baler, you need to choose a close-door type. Because close door feature can ensure fully compacting the containers. Whether to choose a vertical baler or a horizontal baler mainly depends on the baling scale. For reycling plants, we suggest horizontal baler. However for internal waste disposal, we suggest a small vertical baling press.

Where to buy a proper baler for plastic containers?
Please make sure buying from a reputable supplier. When buying in China, you can look into Sinobaler balers. Sinobaler has both vertical and horizontal balers. Their balers range from 5T pressure to 200T pressure. Sinobaler presses for plastic containers are also very robustly built.

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