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Plastic Covers Baler Machine

Plastic bottles have very wide applications in the market. Plastic covers or caps of the bottles can keep fresh and prevent dust from falling into the bottles. Also they play important role the production of plastic. So you can find a variety of plastic covers to better suit different kind of plastic bottles. When large amount of plastic bottles become scraps, plastic covers also become scraps. Luckily, it can be recycled together with plastic bottles. Plastic covers baler and plastic covers shredder are the important size reduction machines in whole PET bottle recycling line.

About plastic covers

Plastic covers have different functions, so you can have sterile cold filling cover, hot filling cover, room temperature non-internal pressure cover and steam cover etc. From the structure, you can find internal plug type and gasket type. From the processing technology, you can also find injection molding and compressing molding.

Materials for most plastic covers are in either PP or PE. PP is mainly used for gas beverage bottle cap gasket and bottle cap. Since this material has low density, heat resistance, high surface strength, innocuity and harmlessness, and good chemical stability, PP cap is mostly used for fruit wine and carbonated beverage bottle cap packaging. PE is mainly used for hot filling bottle caps and aseptic cold filling bottle caps. Since this material is non-toxic, has good toughness and impact resistance, easy to form films, high and low temperature resistance, and good environmental stress cracking performance, PE cap has good market in sesame oil glass bottles.

Because plastic material is easy to make and has low cost. Also it collects many advantages from many materials. So it has increasingly market in good packaging with the development of science and technology. It is quite necessary to recycle plastic covers into new plastic products. Because such kind of recycling can save natural resource and protect environment.

SINOBALER plastic covers baler

SINOBALER has a complete line of plastic balers from vertical to horizontal. For plastic cover balers, you can choose your own suitable baler among manual baler, semi-automatic baler and fully automatic horizontal baler. Or you can contact one of our sales representative to tailor your baler case by case.