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Plastic Crate Baler Machine

What is plastic crates?

Crates can be plastic crates, wooden crates or metal crates. Plastic crates are the most common in real world since it is lightweight, compatible in assembly line, reusable, recyclable and cost effective. Its properties help to do a good job in storage and transportation, organizing products in an assembly or production line, and working with wet or chemical products etc.. So it has wide applications in many industries such as Agriculture, E-commerce, Auto Ancillary, FMCG, Retail, Pharma, Logistics, Consumer Durables etc. When large amount of plastic crates become scrap, waste recycling is the ideal choice. Many recycling equipments such plastic crate baler and shredder can help to improve the recycling efficiency.

Plastic crates recycling

Once the plastic crates are at the end of their life, recycling them in an environmentally way is the best choice for both economy and environment. Plastic crates recycling process is quite similar as other plastic scraps. First, large amount of scrap plastic crates are collected. You can use a plastic crate baler to compress crates into dense bales and then transport bales to the recycling plant. Second, weigh, sort and shred these plastic crates under sorting line and shredder. Third, wash, melt down and finally pelletise the them through a series of recycling machines. Then manufacturer can use these plastic pellets to produce new recycled black crates.

Plastic crate baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete line of different kind of balers for versatile materials. For plastic crates baling purpose, you can select both vertical and horizontal balers for options. Heavy duty dual ram baler is the ideal vertical type to compress plastic crates due to its high compressing force. Then manual-tie horizontal baler, fully automatic baler and L-type two ram automatic baler all are suitable horizontal type of baler to compress plastic crates into dense bales. So if you have any baling request for plastic crates, just contact SINOBALER for the best plastic crate baler recommendation.


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