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Plastic Shopping Bag vs Paper Shopping Bag

Nowadays, when you are shopping in supermarkets or grocery stores, you will often be asked by the cashier:” do you need a plastic bag?” or “ would you like paper or plastic bag?” It seems a simple question, but actually it would be a difficult choice for some people who has great environmental consciousness. People may know how to reuse these shopping bags. But most  people do not have a good idea about how to recycle these shopping bags especially with some recycling machines like shopping bag baler.

Plastic Shopping Bag vs Paper Shopping Bag, Which one is better for environment?

Many people may think paper bag is more environmental-friendly, but in fact, compared to paper bag, plastic bag is an extremely resource-efficient choice. Plastic bags are generally made of #2 plastic which is fully recyclable. And they can be reproduced into durable lumber, new bags and other constructive products. In the process of manufacturing, the energy needed for plastic bag is 70 percent less than paper bag, and plastic bag releases 50 percent less greenhouse gas emission to air. And furthermore, plastic bag generates 80 percent less waste than paper bag.

Shopping bag recycling and shopping bag baler

Although plastic bag is energy-efficient to produce, it is significantly important to consider reusing and recycling them at the first place rather than ending up in the landfill, as plastic bags do not biodegradable quickly.

If you can bring your own reusable bags when going shopping, it is a smartest choice. Most reusable bags are made of recyclable materials.

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