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Plastic Wrap Baler Machine / Shrink Wrap Baling Machine

What is a plastic wrap baler?

Plastic wrap baler is a kind of compactor machine especially for baling thin soft packaging materials like plastic films. The advantage of this kind of plastic wrap baler is that it can make it easily to compress materials to a package bale that can be easily stored or transported. Hence it will save a lot of space for warehouse and delivery plastic wrap waste as many as possible.


Why we need plastic wrap baler machine?

This kind of plastic wrap is widely used in wrapping food and protecting the food from air to keep them fresh for a longer period of time. So you can use the plastic wraps to pack the food directly and you can also put the food in a container and use the plastic wraps to seal it. Since it is a daily life necessary, and just for single use only, you can imagine how many of plastic wrap waste will be created per day, and these waste should be collected and disposed. The plastic wrap baling machine will play a significant role in the plastic wrap recycling.


How to choose a plastic wrap baler?

There are many kinds of plastic wrap balers available on the market. Different sizes in small, middle and large, different types in vertical type and horizontal type, different Hydraulic tonnage in 50T, 100T and 150T etc., you decide. How to choose the right and the most optimal plastic wrap compactor? It depends on several factors.


  1. – How many tons of plastic wrap materials you need to bale per day?

The capacity is the most important factor. Every plastic wrap baler is with different technical parameters to meet different capacity demands. Of course the baler with large capacity will be more costly than the small one. You should consider the capacity and the cost both when you want to purchase a plastic wrap baler.


  1. – Do you have any site limitation?

The size of the site determines the size of plastic wrap baler you should choose. If your site is limited, you should go for the vertical type for saving space. If you do not have any site limitation, the horizontal will be a more efficiency choice. And the limitation height will also affect the machine selection.


Plastic wrap baler machines in SINOBALER 

SINOBALER has various types of plastic wrap balers for your choice. And of course we are sure that you can always find the most suitable one you need.


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