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Polo Shirts Offcut Baler Machine

What is polo shirt?

Polo shirt is a form of shirt with a collar, a placket neckline with three buttons, and an optional pocket. They are usually short sleeved. Polo shirt is a very popular type of clothing worldwide. There are men’s polo shirts, sportswear polo shirts, workwear polo shirts, children’s polo shirt, ladies polo shirts etc. available. During manufacturing of polo shirts, there are many offcuts material left over, it makes great sense to use a polo shirts offcut baler to bale these offcut waste. 

Why baling polo shirts offcut?

Textile recycling not only saves landfill space and reduces global warming (natural fiber like wool, cotton will produce methane during decomposition), but also requires less dye to make and protects natural resources. A baler helps compress the waste polo shirts offcuts and used polo shirts into dense and regular shaped bales. The uniform shaped bales not only saves storage space, keep the warehouse neat and tidy, but also reduce transportation cost. People can easily send the bales to specialized processing center for further recycling handling. 

How to choose a polo shirts offcut baler?

Polo shirts offcut is a soft material and also very easy to compress. Even a small pressure force baler can well handle it. We can say that almost all balers can handle polo shirts offcut. Which one to choose mainly depends on the baling scale and whether you want the bale wrapped by plastic bag or not. If the daily volume of polo shirts offcut is large, then it is better to go for horizontal balers. However if the daily volume of polo shirts offcuts is quite small, you can go for a mini vertical baler. A lifting chamber type polo shirts offcut baler can makes bales wrapped by plastic bag before being strapped, which can keep the material from getting stained or wet.

Buying polo shirts offcut baler from SINOBALER 

SINOBALER is a professional baler manufacturer. We have several types of baling machines suitable for baling polo shirts offcut. Also we cover the full range of vertical and horizontal bale presses large or small. So if you are looking for polo shirts offcut baler, contact us for the optimal baling solution for your needs.

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