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Polycarbonate Bottles Baler Machine

Polycarbonate (PC) is made from natural resource oil. Since polycarbonate is strong, rigid and transparent, it has an increasing demand year by year all over the world. It covers many different applications and polycarbonate bottles are popular. When large amount of PC bottles become scrap, how to dispose of them in proper way? Luckily polycarbonate is fully recyclable and PC bottles recycling is the ideal solution for those scraps. During whole recycling process, many recycling machines such as polycarbonate bottles baler and crusher are important size reduction machines.


How to recycle polycarbonate bottles?

Polycarbonate scrap recycling can bring excellent yields for plastic recycling facilities and factories. The common process of recycling polycarbonate bottles is to sort, shred, wash and extrude. Large amount of compressed PC bales by a PC baler are transported by truck or ship containers to the recycling facility. First, you need to sort them out and shred PC bottles through a shredder, a granulator or a combination of shredder and granulator to reduce the size as much as possible. Then you can wash and dry the PC bottle pieces. Finally you can use the extruder to get the final plastic pellets for new plastic product manufacturing.


SINOBALER polycarbonate bottles baler

SINOBALER has several type of balers to compress polycarbonate bottles into high density bales for easy transportation and handling. Both vertical baler and horizontal baler are available for choice. The PC bales can be sold directly or delivered to recycling facilities for new plastic product purpose. The ideal bale size and bale weight can be tailored per your own requirement such as approximately 500kgs per bale. If you do not have much PC bottles, vertical long stroke baler is the ideal option to choose since it has lower cost and small footprint. Of course, if your baling capacity is high, large horizontal baler even fully automatic baler is recommended for more efficient baling and labor cost saving. Contact SINOBALER today to let us know your individual baling requirements!


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