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Portable Baler Machine

Portable baler machine is a mobile baling solution for a variety of materials. From small portable balers to heavy duty portable balers, they all provide a mobile waste compaction solution and allow for easier storage and transportation. From general waste baling to some specific material baling, portable baler machine always has good market due to its additional benefit of mobility.


Typical portable baler machines

  1. – Small portable balers

Small portable balers can be in different structures to suit different baling purpose. They can process many materials, for example cardboard and paper, textiles, plastics, aluminum scrap and wood shavings etc. So it is ideal for small retail stores or convenience store, restaurants, healthcare, textile or clothing, animal bedding, and office facilities etc.

Take scale weighing baling and bagging machine for example, wheels can help to easily move whole machine to a new location if you have this need.

  1. – Heavy duty portable balers

Most heavy duty portable balers are applicable in farm as well as landfill. It is the ideal processing equipment for farms and forage processing companies. This kind of machine is very widely applicable in clothing, cotton, forage, paper, animal husbandry, medical, and light textiles etc. Because it can condense of large quantities of recyclables down to small bales. So when you have a baling need for dry pasture, lint, waste paper, short fiber, straw, wheat straw or corn stalks, this portable baler is the right machine to go. You can get benefit from its efficient baling and mobility. As such, it help to save much cost in transportation and storage.


Feeding method for portable baler

Normally conveyor feeding is the most popular. For some large portable baler, heavy duty steel crane is a good feeding solution. Because it can make lifting heavy duty material at a distance become very easy.


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