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PP Big Bags Baler Machine

What are PP big bags? 

PP big bags also popular as PP ton bags and bulk bags are industrial containers which aim for storing and transporting bulk goods. They are fabricated from a woven polypropylene (PP) fabric. PP material itself is moderate resistant to heat, shrinking and stretching. The woven process makes it stronger, more durable and reliable. Because PP big bag is a cost effective and eco-friendly choice. When you need to carry bulky material like sand, pellets, chemicals, fertilizers, grains, construction materials as well as plastic granules, it is always a good packing solution. But for PP big bags packing, PP big bags baler is a good size reduction machine for large amount of PP big bags scrap.

Why should we recycle PP big bags? 

Most PP big bags are made from virgin PP, a common plastic that can be repurposed into other plastic products. It is a good idea to recycle used PP big bags instead of dumping them into landfill because on one hand PP big bags are recyclable, on the other hand the biodegradation of these woven PP big bags will take dozens or even hundreds of years. 

How PP big bags are recycled? 

Firstly the used PP big bags are collected and compressed into regular shaped bales for easy storage and logistics handling. The bales are then transported to reprocessing center, where they are sorted and cleaned. Next the sorted and cleaned bags are resized into small flakes through shredding and granulating. After cutting, the plastic regrinds go through further separation and washing process, and then they are melted down and extruded into uniformed pellets or granules which can serve as source material for making other plastic products. 

Where can you buy a suitable PP big bags baler for pressing PP big bags?

For getting a baling machine to bale PP big bags, you can refer to SINOBALER at Sinobaler manufactures various types of baling press machines. You can choose a suitable model based on your expected bale size or bale weight, as well as based on the volume of empty PP big bags that need to be disposed daily or month. Or we can help you choose an optimal model based on your detailed baling requirements. Contact SINOBALER today and we have 24/7 support by email and phone. Or contact support whenever you need us at

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