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Problems Related with Waste Tire Disposal

Waste tires are always called “black pollution”. As a great number of waste tires are generated every day, it results in vast scrap-tire disposal sites in many cities.

Scrap tire disposal will cause many problems to the environment as well as human beings’ health.

The abandoned tires stored in the disposal sites after long time will slowly degrade with the effect of solar radiation. Meanwhile, steels inside the tires become rusted. The degraded composition of the tires can contaminate the soil and the water underground and this contamination will last for many years. Also, stacks of large volume of scrap tires takes up land resources.

The scrap tire disposal sites are all outdoor and under the sun. The tires long time exposed in the sun might catch on fire, especially when some broken glasses focus sunlight, which is very dangerous. Once the tires catch on fire, it will generate very thick black smoke and heat fills the air and covers the sky. Meanwhile, tire after burning will generate oily residue that can contaminate the soil. What’s worse, it is very hard to put off such kind of fire. And the hazardous and harmful substance generated from the tire burning will be released to the air thus seriously pollutes the air.

Another problem is that the tire disposal sites are good breeding places for mosquitoes because the tires will generate stagnant water inside them in rainy day, and such stagnant water is a suitable breeding place for mosquitoes. As you know, mosquitoes are easy to widely spread diseases.

Hence, proper and correct recycling of tires/tyres will eliminate the waste tire disposal site. Meanwhile, those related problems by tire disposal sites will also be eliminated.

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