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Rags Press Bagging Machine

Rags press bagging machine is for producing compact bales of rags. This machine is a better alternative to the conventional cardboard box or plastic bag packaging. Because it features with compact design and ease of operation. Also you can benefit from transportation cost saving and storage space saving by a using a rag press bagging machine.


The features of rag press bagging machine

  1. PLC control helps to automate the operation and promotes accuracy.
  2. Compressing, bale ejecting as well as bagging is in a one button operation which is quite easy and efficient.
  3. Electric control helps to simply operate on buttons and switches to fulfill platen moving ad bale ejecting.
  4. It can achieve baling and bagging in one machine. What you need to do is to feed the materials into the chamber and press the operation button, the bales can be ejected at the bale exit. Then you can use a plastic bag to bag the bale with your ideal bale size.
  5. The stacked bales are quite easy for transportation and storage.


Rags press bagging machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has two options of rags press bagging machines. Both of them are ideal for compressing cloth materials like rags. One is scale weighing baling and bagging machine. This machine produces bagged rag bales in small sizes. The in-built scale is for your convenience to control bale weight as per your needs. When you have many rags in a loose status, this baling and bagging machine can automatically compress, eject and bag the materials for easy storage and transportation. Then recyclers can resell the bagged material to generate considerable value. The other is heavy duty baling and bagging machine. When you need a heavier and bigger rag bales, this machine is the right way to go.

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