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RDF Baler / Refused Derived Fuel Baler Machine

What is RDF and RDF line?

Refuse derived fuel (RDF) is a broad fuel concept which consists of many different wastes including commercial, post-industrial and post-consumer waste. Plastic packaging materials like plastic film, PET bottles, paper industry rejects, high-caloric plastics, wood waste, and other mixed waste are common input materials to produce alternative fuel pellets. Modern waste conversion technologies are increasing the energy recovery rates from waste to valuable products. Sorting, pre-shredding, separation and granulating are the main processes in RDF plant. Hence RDF baler, RDF shredder and RDF granulator are popular recycling machines in whole RDF line.


RDF baler machines in SINOBAELR

SINOBALER manufactures a range of fully automatic balers especially for baling RDF waste. Both single ram fully automatic baler machine and twin ram automatic horizontal baler machine are suitable for RDF waste baling purpose. Left or right hand bale ejection, customized hopper for conveyor feed or machine feed, you decide! From 40T to 120T press force, you can always find a suitable baler for your baling requirement. Our professional engineers also can tailor the solid waste RDF baler machine based on your plant layout, sorting line, separation line and size reduction line.


Why you choose SINOBALER for RDF baler?

  1. – Our wear plate use Hardbox 450 which provides additional protection against the corrosive elements found in household waste. This extends RDF baler’s lifespan.
  2. – We use top brands for hydraulic components and electrical components. For example, Siemens or ABB motor, Schneider electrical parts, and Mitsubishi PLC.
  3. – Diagnostic panels are available as standard to facilitate maintenance and minimize down time.
  4. – Either steel wire or plastic strap is available for our twin ram automatic horizontal baler. You can benefit it from a plastic tie option for some market like UK. Because the UK market requires plastic or twine ties on wrapped bales as the whole bale can then be burned directly without breaking bales.
  5. – We have a trained technical team who can communicate with you directly via whatsApp or skype. Hence this can efficiently help you to solve any problems if any.


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