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Recycling Baler For Sale

Environmental protection is a common topic but more and more people and companies are in action. For example, as a Fast food pioneer company, McDonald recently announced that by 2025, the company will adopt sustainable packaging and substantially reduce packaging waste. Their goal is to make everything from cups, straws, wrappers and takeaway bags to recyclable or renewable materials. At the same time, the company also encourages all its stores to carry out 100% recycling of packaging rubbish, which now is only 10%. Waste recycling becomes a world topic and task to save natural resources and protect environment. But waste recycling is not easy if without cost effective and efficient recycling machines like shredders and recycling baler for sale.


Waste management in the world

Waste management is not a simple task but it needs the efforts from all sides. Fast food industry, coffee and drink stores are seeking new recyclable materials and solutions to replace current huge packaging waste. McDonald’s stores in the UK are no longer use foam packaging. Plastic cups and paper cups recycling bins are available in the store. KIA (The Kempegowda International Airport) India has announced it will set up solid waste management facility in 2019 to handle 20 tons of waste generated daily at the airport. If current production and waste management trends continue, 12bn tons of plastic waste will be in landfills or the natural environment by 2050. So governments and organizations are seeking solutions to train and guide waste recycling from all the aspects.


Recycling baler for sale in waste recycling

Waste recovery is a technical task and this needs waste collection and delivery to a specified place. So how to reduce waste size and save transportation cost? Recycling baler for sale is a good solution. This baling machine can greatly reduce physical size by compressing materials into dense bales. Different materials should have different structure baler to achieve the best baling result. Contact SINOBALER for your ideal recycling baler now.