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Rhodes Grass Hay Baler Machine

Rhodes grass is the common name of Chloris gayana Kunth. It is native to Africa and now it develops as an important tropical grass widespread in tropical and subtropical regions in the world. Due to its nature of drought-resistance, productivity and moderate to high quality, it is widely applicable in animal production. Rhodes grass hay baler helps to solve the baling and re-baling tasks for easy handling, transportation and storage.

Baling rhodes grass hay

Since rhodes grass has good feeding value, palatability and good production potential, it is very popular in animal production industry. Crude protein levels vary with age of growth and level of available soil nitrogen. Young leaves can contain about 17% while old leaves is only 3%. Baling rhodes grass in a good way can protect value in maximum level and also save cost in each handling process. Vertical baler, baling and bagging baler, manual-tie horizontal baler and fully automatic baler are all excellent baling solutions in the market. You can choose the right baler based on individual requirements. For example, if you want to keep each bale with same weight and bag the bale into a plastic bag, you can choose scale-weighing baling and bagging baler.

Rhodes grass hay baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several kinds of rhodes grass hay baler for different choices. For example, we receive an inquiry for baling and re-baling rhodes grass hay. Bale size is L2250W1200H700mm and bale weight requires not less than 670kgs per bale. Dry hay moisture content is 12%. Also they expect 5 tons in one hour. For tying the bale, they prefer to twine not steel wire and they need 6 twines in one bale. In this case, we recommend our 60T compressing force manual-tie horizontal baler. For unchopped straw baling, we also have single ram fully automatic baler and L-type two ram automatic baler for more efficient baling options. Contact SINOBALER to tailor your own ideal grass baling machine now.

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