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Rice Husk Baling Machine for Rice Husk Utilization

Rice husk is a waste product from rice milling industry. It is the outer shell of the rice and takes approximately one fifth of the rice by weight. Each year, the rice production worldwide amounts up to 700 million tons, and it generates rice husks approx. 140 million tons per year globally. With so high annual output, the economic rice husk utilization become rather important. In fact, rice husk has already been utilized in many areas in our life. Some rice husk recycling machine such as rice husk baling machine is also a good help.

The main compositions of rice husk are lignin, cellulose and silica. All of these compositions are very valuable in industrial applications. Rice husks can be used to produce fiber boards as building material, particleboard which has more advantages over wood chips. Because the silica of rice husk can protect the boards from the termites’ attack, pulp and paper, many silicon compounds, animal feed and bedding material, fuel, etc.

Rice Husk Baling Machine in SINOBALER

Rice husks are loose materials in small pieces which are inconvenient to handle and transport, and thus the utilization cost is high. Sinobaler Machinery is professional in manufacturing baling and bagging machines for compressing rice husks into dense blocks. Rice husk usually has a high bulk density of 100 to 160 kg/m3, hence, choosing a baler with high compressing force is necessary for handling rice husks.

Sinobaler’s SHB1-WS Series heavy duty bagging baler is very suitable for making dense bales of rice husk into plastic bags. Once the bag is cut broken, the rice husk will soon become loose again and will not lose the original form. Sinobaler’s SHB1-WSB Series briquetting baler is also a good choice to compress rice husks into extremely high block/briquette and no need any bag to hold it. The compressed briquettes can become loose again as long as you use a hammer tool or any bale breaking machine to break the block.

Contact Sinobaler today to know more about rice husk baling machine and one of our friendly sales representatives will assist you to choose a most suitable baler to meet your demand.

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