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Rice Husk Packing Machine

What is rice husk? Rice husk is the hard protecting coverings of grains of rice. During milling process, the rice hulls are separated from the rice grains. People used to consider rice husk as a waste product. So they often burn or dump into landfills. But nowadays, we are using rice husks as building material, fertilizer, insulation material, or fuel. Rice husk packing machine is a good solution to solve the packing and transportation problem.

Why bale rice husk with rice husk packing machine?

Rice hulls are small in size and they are loose in natural status, so it is not easy to handle or transport. A bale packing machine can help compress the loose rice husks into compact and regularly shaped bales, greatly facilitating storage and reducing transportation costs.

Unlike the regular balers used for baling common materials like cardboard, textiles, plastic bottles etc. Balers for rice husks is different and popular as bagging baler which compresses materials and then push the compressed bale into bags instead of using straps. This is because rice hulls are small in piece size and if using regular baler which strap up the baled material, the compressed rice hull can easily come off and result in the bale out of shape. Bagging balers are specially suitable for making bagged bales for such small and loose materials. Rice husk bales produced by bagging baler can be easily loosened and the material normally keeps its original form after the bale is broken up.

Rice husk packing machines from SINOBALER

Bagging balers from SINOBALER are dedicated in making bagged bales for small and loose materials like rice husks. There are totally three types of bagging balers available, Vertical Bagging Baler, Heavy Duty Horizontal Bagging Baler and Scale Weighing Horizontal Bagging Baler. All of them share the same working theory. These machines have two hydraulic cylinders/rams. One is for compressing loose material, while other is for ejecting compressed material into plastic bag. There are various models available under each type with different sizes and capacities. Contact us and our sales representative will guide you through.

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