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Rice Straw Baler Machine

Traditionally rice straw and rice husk are treated as wastes. They are either dumped into rivers or burned in the field. So this can cause GHG emissions, contamination and pollution. Now with the technology development, rice residues can have better collection and utilization processes and management by using better practices. For example, mushroom and energy production and for cattle feed. Rice straw baler machine is one of the necessary recycling machine in whole process.


Rice straw baler machine in rice straw collection

There are three main operations in the collection of rice straw.

First, you need to pick up rice straw materials. Rice straw is a rice by-product produced when harvesting paddy. Each kg of milled rice produced results in roughly 0.7-1.4 kg of rice straw depending on varieties, cutting height of the stubbles, and moisture content during harvest.

Second, you need to compact rice straw into bales. Specific weight of uncompressed rice straw is about 70-80 kg/m3 at a moisture content of about 15–18%. Rice straw baler machine is the main compacting or baling unit. Rice straw baling machine can be stationary baler or mobile baler. Stationary baler only has one function is to collect straw and compact them into bales. Mobile baler(either self-propelled or pulled by a tractor) is suitable for collecting rice straw left in the field by combine harvesters. The piston-type baler is making square bales, whereas the roller-type baler is making round bales.

Third, you need to haul rice straw bales to a storage or processing area. If it is a mobile baler, this process can be work together with baling process.


Rice straw baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete line of different baling machine for all kinds of materials. For unchopped rice straw, fully automatic horizontal baler is the most efficient way. For chopped rice straw, bagging baler machine is also an good option. Contact SINOBALER today for an ideal rice straw baling machine.


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