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Rock Wool Baler Machine

What is rock wool and the application of rock wool?

Rock wool also known as stone wool or mineral wool, usually comes from same minerals that exist in lava during a volcanic eruption. When making rock wool, furnace will reheat this lava rock to its molten state. Then a spinning machine will spin the material until it has taken the shape of thin, long fibers. The process is actually quite similar to making cotton candy, although rock wool requires much greater temperatures because rocks have a much higher melting point than sugar. Rock wool is a poor heat conductor, thus this prevents heat from escaping. Rockwool is also a noise dampener, so it does not transfer sound waves very efficiently. In addition, rock wool is fire resistant. These attributes make it widely used in insulation, filtration and soundproofing applications. Besides above applications, rock wool is also a popular hydroponic growth medium. But what to do with a rock wool baler?

The production process of rock wool traps many small pockets of air. Due to the property of rock wool, it has very low density. It is costly to handle and transport low density materials. This is where baling machinery come into play. Looking for a compression or baling machine for rock wool effectively reduces the volume of the bulky waste, greatly facilitating storage and logistics.

Rock wool baler machines from SINOBALER

SINOBALER is a professional hydraulic baler machinery manufacturer. We offer all types of baling machines including vertical and horizontal types with a wide choice of different chamber sizes and output capacity to meet your specific requirement. We always receive mineral wool such as rock wool baling requirements from our potential customers. For example, they requires squared pressed bales with 15 ~ 25 kgs or around 40 ~50 kgs. Both vertical pressing and horizontal pressing are working fine for such request. We have several vertical balers and horizontal rock wool baler machines suitable for baling. Different models are available according to different pressing force, packaging solution, bale size and bale weight, and daily or hourly output requirement.

Just contact us today and one of our sales representatives will discuss with you about your rock wool baling needs in detail, and recommend you the most suitable baling machine which best fit your needs.

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