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Safety Horizontal Baler And Safety Vertical Baler

Safety is one of the most important key points when manufacturing the baler machines. Safety horizontal baler and safety vertical baler both are basic requirements before each delivery of the machine. Each safety feature all reflects the quality of the baler. The risk of injury and death is always possible during loading materials, operating baler, or even simply working near the compacting machine. So how to secure the safety of working a baler?

How to secure the safety of working a baler?

Safety is not one person’s issue. From baler manufacturing to worker’s baler operating, manufacturer, operator and their company all should take some measures to make sure safety.

Baler manufacturer should make sure baler designs meet the safety regulations such CE. So it should be safety horizontal baler or safety vertical baler in its design. Workers should try to protect themselves from injury during baler operation. For example, worker should keep all the related guards in place during baler operation. Also he should be familiar with all interlocks and emergency stop devices. In case, worker needs to clear the jammed materials. Please make sure worker will follow the right standards to protect himself. Their company also should take measures to reduce the risk of any injury and death. For example, company should establish periodic inspection and maintenance procedures to maximize the smooth running time of the baler. Also company should train workers to know baler hazards and prohibits hazardous work if possible. For material jams, company can establish safe standard to clear jams in a safe way.

Safety horizontal baler and Safety vertical baler in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a wide range of horizontal balers and vertical balers. All of our balers are CE certified and follow the safe standards. You can contact us to discuss your safety considerations and we can also tailor the machine for you case by case.

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