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Sani-chips Baler Machine

Sani-Chips are produced from superior hardwoods under the highest level of quality control system. As a long time staple in animal bedding, it is biodegradable and can be easily incinerated. Due to many product features and benefits, Sani-chips are widely used in heath research and institutes, breeding facilities, universities and major pharmaceutical companies. Direct transporting such small and loose status material is not an easy job. Baling Sani-chips into equal bale weight and size bales makes great sense. So Sani-chips baler machine is a good solution in handling, transporting and storing these wood chips.

Sani-chips Baler Machine in SINOBALER

Sani-Chips are in small and loose status. SINOBALER provides three type of baling and bagging balers for such feature products. Scale weighing bagging baler and heavy duty bagging baler are the most popular ones. These bagging type balers can compress the tiny wood chips into rectangular shape bales and then bag the bale into a plastic bag. Some frequently asked questions about bagging balers are listed below:

1. The wood chips are soiled bedding, and have an amount of urine and ammonia.  Can this machine handle slightly moist material? Is there a drain?

The machine can well handle soiled wood chips that are slightly moist with urine and ammonia. If the moisture rate is quite high, liquid can be squeezed out during compressing and will come out of the machine through the bale exit port as well as the rear of the two chambers. If you mind that the floor of your facility gets wet and dirty, we can build trays for you to place underneath the ports where the liquid will come out or you can simply place some containers underneath the ports to collect the liquid. There is discharge outlet on the trays so that you can connect pipe to it to drain out the liquid in time to somewhere proper.

2. Can machines work with: 220/480V and 60Hz?

For machines to overseas market, we always customize voltage according to customer’s local 3phase power supply, and won’t charge any extra. So we can build either 220V/3Phase/60Hz or 480V/3Phase/60Hz for the machines.

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