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Sawdust Packing Machine / Wood Dust Packing Machine

Sawdust is also popular as wood dust which is produced from cutting, grinding, drilling, sanding from wood. It can be used to make particleboard as it is composed of fine particles of wood. Also it can be used to animal bedding materials. Manufacturers use this in many ways. Since sawdust is a small particles of wood, it is not easy to transported or recycled without good packing. Hence, many sawdust recycling machines are good solution. Sawdust packing machine or wood dust packing machine is one of the most important and popular machines in whole sawdust recycling process.


Sawdust Applications or Sawdust Usages

Why people prefer to buy the sawdust packing machine to transport or recycle sawdust? This is because sawdust has its wide usages in many ways. Below are some examples:

  1. – Sawdust can be used to make particleboard.
  2. – It can be used as a fuel source for boilers.
  3. – Sawdust can be used to the animal bedding materials.
  4. – Sawdust can be spread on the road especially car or truck paths. It provides traction and can strengthen compacted snow.
  5. – Sawdust mixed into mortar has long been used when erecting cordwood walls to aid in bonding the logs together.


Sawdust Packing Machine or Wood Dust Packing Machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER sawdust packing machine is ideal to compress sawdust into a square bale and then bag the bale to a bag for easy transportation. If you want to scale the sawdust to a certain level, scale-weighing baling and bagging machine is your preferred choice. If you want to pack large amount of sawdust, our heavy duty baling and bagging machine is the right option. Just send us your sawdust baling and bagging requirements, our professional team will choose the most suitable sawdust packing machine for you. Or we can tailor the wood dust packing machine for your specific needs.


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