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Sawdust Press Machine

What is a sawdust press machine?

Sawdust press machine is a size reduction machine that is used to compress loose materials sawdust into a tight press or briquette. This makes large amount of sawdust easily to transport or store. There are many different kind of sawdust compressing machines in the market. Here we only focus on sawdust baling press machine or sawdust briquetting baler.


Why you need a sawdust press machine?

Sawdust is also popular as wood dust. It is a by-product of cutting, grinding, drilling or sanding. So it is composed of fine particles of wood and it is in very loose status. How to make it easy to transport or store? Or how to improve the function of sawdust? A sawdust press or briquette is a good solution. This is why you need a sawdust press machine here.


How to make a sawdust press or sawdust briquettes?

There are many solutions for making a sawdust press or sawdust briquettes. Here we only introduce two popular solutions. One solution is to bale and bag sawdust with a baling and bagging machine. The other solution is to compress sawdust into a hard block directly with a briquetting baler.


Sawdust press machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER specializes in hydraulic sawdust compressing machine or baling press machine for many years. We have several kind of baling machine which is very suitable for sawdust pressing purpose. Vertical baling and bagging machine, scale weighing baling and bagging machine, horizontal heavy duty baling and bagging machine are all ideal machines to compress loose status sawdust into a square and dense bales. You can put a plastic bag at the bale exit and sawdust bagging can be availableĀ at the same time. Horizontal briquetting baler aims to compress sawdust into a hard briquette without any packing or strapping. The sawdust briquettes can even be burn for fuel.


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