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Scrap Baler Machine / Scrap Baling Press Machine

What is scrap baler machine? A scrap baler machine is a baling machine that used to compress all kinds of waste materials into compact bales. So people can be easy to handle, transport and store these compact bales. Bales can be round or rectangular / square bales. Balers can be farm machinery or industrial balers. Normally round baler is for hay or straw baling in farm. Here we only talk about hydraulic industrial square baler machines. These balers are popular in materials recycling facilities and material manufacturers. They have very wide applications.


What kind of waste materials that scrap baler machine can handle?

There are many kind of materials can be baled with an industrial baler machine. For example, used clothes, rags, cottons, carpet, tires, cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, plastic films, aluminum cans, coconut fiber, rabbit fur, alfalfa, wood shavings, rice husk, sawdust, leaves, or urban waste. Different materials may need different balers.


Why you need a scrap baler machine?

Balers are a packaging step. The compressed size especially square bales are very easy to transport. So it saves a lot money and time in transportation and storage. Some materials’ bales can be sold directly. How to save more cost? You need the most suitable baler to your specific material. So this baler can make the dense and rectangular / square bales. If you can load more tons to a container, of course you save money.


Scrap baler machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete range of scrap baler machines for your different materials’ option. For example, Lifting chamber baler is ideal for textile waste.  High rebound material baler is especially designed for tires. Long stroke baler is ideal for baling plastic bottles. Mill size baler is versatile baler but it is best to compress cardboard and paper. Cotton baler also has its own structure due to its material nature. Baling and bagging machines are suitable for some loose and small particles like wood shavings, sawdust and rice husk etc. Each application has its own baling requirement. So contact us to find the most suitable scrap baler machine for your own needs.


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