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Scrap Baler / Scrap Compactor

Is Scrap A Headache For Your Industry? Every industry produces tons and tons of waste on a constant basis. The waste includes steel pieces, aluminum pieces, plastic, paper, cardboard, rubber, cables, as well as paper etc. The disposal of this waste possesses a real challenge for these industries. Because their transportation to the dumping site costs a lot. This trash takes a lot of space and affects the overall productivity of the factory. The owners have always been looking for ways to squeeze the waste products to a smaller volume. Now there is an affordable and efficient way to compress these factory wastes. Scrap Baler is the right machine which can compress any type of waste material into a very small space.

Scrap baler or compactor is a bulky machine specially ideal for getting rid of the scrap in industries. It can compress every waste including steel and aluminium residues to smaller volumes. Scrap baler machine works on hydraulic pressure generated from electric power. It compresses the waste into small uniform blocks. These blocks can then easily be transported to the waste disposal site. Well, getting curious to know more about this baling machine, read on.


  • Sizes and types of scrap baler

Scrap Baler can be single ram baler or two ram baler. Or it can be manual baler, semi-automatic baler and fully automatic baler. Scrap baler can be vertical baler or horizontal baler. Scrap baler can also be combined feature baler such as two ram automatic horizontal baler. Normally standard scrap baler is ideal to suit certain application baling purpose or output purpose.


  • Uses and application of scrap baler

It can compress scrap such as aluminum, steel sheets, copper articles, cardboard, paper, textile, plant and animal fiber, wood shavings, plastic bottles, plastic films, hay & straw, car doors and other small accessories, tires, and rubber etc easily. Due to its wide applicability, it has an important place in various industries. Steel mills, lathe turnings, scraps, recycling companies, metal recycling, and smelting are some of the industries where it finds an essential use.


  • Easy to use

Scrap Baler is easy to learn machine. It doesn’t require any special training to run. Any worker can easily operate it with just a small demonstration. So, the companies don’t need to look for a skilled workforce for this machine.


  • Efficiency

It can compress tons and tons of scrap within minimum time. The hydraulic pressure can squeeze any scrap almost instantly. It comes with different features to suit different types of factories. The compressor chamber and baler size can be customized according to the demands of the company. It comes with a high and low circuit to save energy.


  • Durability

Scrap Baler is made from high-quality metals having a greater tensile strength to withstand the normal wear and tear.


  • Maintenance and service

This baler is designed to work for years without facing any problem. Still, if some problem occurs, then the faulty part can be replaced by any usual factory technician. In case, you need a service, then the service center will feel free to come to the client’s doorstep and look into the problem.

The popularity of Scrap Baler is growing gradually with time. There is a need of this baler in different types of industry. The manufacturers are doing further advancements to make it even more productive.


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