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Scrap Baling Machine / Scrap Baling Press

What is a scrap baling machine? 

Scrap baling machine, as it is name, it is a kind of baler or compactor especially for baling all kinds of scrap materials. To know this kind of scrap baling machine better, we have to know the scrap first.

What is scrap? Since there is a word “waste”, why there is also the word “scrap”, they are both leftover materials, aren’t they the same thing?

Generally speaking, waste is a boarder definition. So the answer is simple. Scrap is waste, but not all waste is scrap. What exactly scrap is? Scrap is the discarded or rejected material from an operation suitable for reprocessing. Usually they are of no to insignificant value as compared to the main product that was intended. But it can be very expensive compared with general waste, such as gold dust in jewelry and gold industry.

Since the scrap is with higher value, it is very important to recycle it and re-use it. Scrap baling machine takes majority part in the recycle business of recycling scrap.


How do we recycle metal scrap?

Metal scrap takes majority portion of the scrap material. Metal scrap includes aluminum, brass and copper, steel, metal pipe, metal strapping, and cable etc.

Take recycle cooper cable for example. The cable consists of plastic sheathed and cooper wire. Firstly, we have to use some equipment to separate the plastic sheathed from the cooper wire. After separation, the wires will be all in loose and messy conditions, not very convenient for storage and transport. Then we should use the metal scrap baling machine to bale the cooper wire, make it to a tight and heavy cooper metal block. The small size and heavy metal block will save a lot storage space and easy to transport. It can greatly improve the efficiency of metal scrap recycle.


Scrap baling machine for sale in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has various kinds of scrap baling machine available for sale. From vertical scrap baling press machine to horizontal scrap baling press machine, from manual scrap baling press machine to fully automatic scrap baling press machine, you just need to tell us what you want for your baling purpose.


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