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Scrap Baling Press Manufacturers

China was the world largest scrap buyer before year 2018. United States, Europe and many other countries had the scrap industry especially serving for China. Scrap cardboard, scrap paper, scrap tires, scrap plastics, scrap metals and other waste materials are largely imported to China previously. Many scrap baling press manufacturers have their scrap balers in these markets for transportation cost saving and space saving.


Scrap recycling in China

Previously China is the importer of many recyclable materials. This creates huge environmental threats. Also China domestic industries do not collect and repurpose the recyclable scraps. Now China cuts the direct scrap imports at the end of year 2017. This encourages to build up waste materials recovery industry in domestic market. Of course, the benefits are easy to see that it contributes to the environmental protection and natural resource saving. Also it creates new jobs for domestic market. People can collect waste materials for selling. Many waste recycling machines like scrap baling presses, shredders and granulators are needed in whole recycling process.


Scrap baling press manufacturers

Scrap baling presses are the important size reduction machine in transportation and storage period. How to identify the quality from different scrap baling press manufacturers? How to choose the best suitable scrap baling press machine for your own baling requirements? SINOBALER has the answer for you. First, know better about your baling materials. If you only bale one material like cardboard scrap, you should find the cardboard baler from the most experienced scrap baling press manufacturer. If you want to bale several materials, the versatile baler is more suitable for you. Second, know better about your baling output. Higher output causes higher compressing force and larger motor power. As such, it needs more financial budget. Third, know better about bale size and bale weight. Calculate the container or truck capacity. Then find the best bale size with maximum bale weight. This also can help the cost saving in transportation.

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