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Scrap Cardboard Baling Machine

Wasting the waste

The labor usage has been decreased at a considerable rate compared to the last decade. This is due to the innovation and development in the technology. There are even machines for removing and recycling the waste. One among such is the scrap cardboard baling machine, which helps in reducing the transportation stress of the cardboard waste.

What are scrap cardboard?

Scrap cardboard are nothing other than the boxes used in packing and moving of the material. They are widely used even in schools and offices. Now with the development of E-business, cardboard packing is the most common packing materials in online purchase transactions. Like any other balers, these are also used in waste management. However, the most importantly in reducing the cardboard waste. The damaged and thrown out cardboard are the one that is referred as scrap cardboard.

What is the use of the cardboard baling machine?

A scrap cardboard baling machine can sounds as a waste of money, but believe it they are more beneficial and useful than one can imagine. They will save a ton of spaces and money that are required for cardboard waste transportation and storage.

Types of scrap cardboard baling machine

Based on the crushing and usage they are divided into,

–    Horizontal cardboard baling machine and

–   Vertical cardboard baling machine.

How does scrap cardboard baling machine work?

What will you do when throwing a waste cardboard into the bin? You will crush them with your fist, make a ball, and then throw it to the bin. This is how the scrap cardboard baling machine works, but only in a bigger amount and machine handling.

  1. – Firstly, the cardboard will be collected and fed into baler’s chamber by direct labor or conveyor feeding system.
  2. – Then with the help of the operating controls, time and size of the resultant product will be input into the machine.
  3. – Then, the steel plate will start the process by compressing and kneading the cardboard.
  4. – After reaching the limit and getting your satisfied bale density, cardboard bales will be pulled out and moved by forklift or something else. Then they are are ready to be transferred to the next level in the recycling process.


Advantages of scrap cardboard baling machine

These scrap cardboard baling machine are not famous without reason. They have many advantages compared to other machines.

  1. – The machine helps in restoring some storage space.
  2. – They are less time consuming, set the timer and start with your other work if it is an automatic cardboard baler.
  3. – They are easy to clean and does not require much maintenance.
  4. – It helps in maintaining the pollution control and health hazards caused by burning or dumping the cardboard.
  5. – They help in reducing the transportation charges and works as a cost cutter.
  6. – They lessen the work of the work force.
  7. – The machines come in various baling sizes and with advanced technology.


What to expect?

When it comes to buying a scrap cardboard baling machine one has to pay more importance to the power consumption and the standards of the machine. Best deals are available from online sellers but beware not all deals are as genuine ad they sound. Price matters but not at the cost of quality. SINOBALER as the top-end China baler manufacturer, you can count us and our professional sales team and engineers are ready for help.

If Life Gives Cardboard Then Ball It.

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