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Scrap Carton Baling Machine In Carton Recycling

The amount of Express is constantly increasing. How to deal with these huge packaging scraps? The Express industry starts to seek solution for the recyclable materials like carton. Cainiao Network cooperates with China Environmental Protection Foundation and launched the ‘back to box program’ all over the country. They set the carton recycling station in more than 10 universities and colleges including Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and China University of Petroleum. The reporter found the consumer enhanced the awareness of carton recycling through the establishment of recycling station. Only one afternoon, the recycling station is already full of flattened carton waste. How to deliver these carton waste? Scrap carton baling machine is a good help.


Scrap carton baling machine in carton recycling

It seems scrap cartons continue to hit new milestones. Despite of increasing consumer’s recycling awareness, new industry collaborations, innovative technology and end market solutions should work together to increase carton recycling efficiency and make the recycling more cost effective. So the whole recycling should be in the full picture. This includes consumer education, engaging everyone in the supply chain, developing effective end markets, and leveraging new technologies so that carton recycling is economically and environmentally beneficial for all.

Scrap carton baling machine is to compress the carton scraps into dense bales. So huge carton scrap collections can create carton bales for easy and safe storage. Also it makes the delivery to paper mills easier and cost effective. The carton scrap bale size and bale weight can be tailored based on container or truck. For example, Cainiao Network send Huanyu International Company who focuses on waste paper recycling business to the individual cainiao station for carton waste collection. Huanyu International Company collects the carton waste and deliver the baled cartons directly to the paper mills in Anhui and Zhejiang for new carton manufacturing.


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