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Scrap Paper Baler Machine

Paper waste almost constitutes the largest single component of the municipal waste stream.  With the development of E-commerce and environmental protection, paper packaging is much more popular in the worldwide. How to deal with these huge scrap paper waste? Paper recycling is the ideal solution for both environment and economy. Many waste recycling machines like scrap paper baler and shredder can help to improve the recycling efficiency.


Paper waste types

Markets exist for many types of waste paper. When we recycle paper into new paper instead of using new raw materials, we reduce: waste disposal, the need to cut down trees, energy consumption, air and water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

There are three types of paper recycling popular: high-grade white office paper (non-residential generators only); old corrugated cardboard; and old newspaper. If you generate large amounts of other types of paper you may want to investigate recycling this material as well to further reduce your disposal costs and maximize environmental benefits.


Paler recycling

First, you need to collect paper waste from the end user. It is only half of the recycling cycle. High-quality paper is preferable in paper market. For Corrugated cardboard, contaminants such as polystyrene, packing materials, plastic-coated cartons and other debris should be removed. For Old Newspaper, it must be clean, dry and stored out of direct sunlight. In a word, please try to maximize both quality and quantity of the waste paper collected. Paper processors or paper brokers will have facilities to sort, bale and transport waste paper. They contact paper mill and know well about the baling and quality specifications of paper. Paper mills finally convert paper waste into new products.


Scrap paper baler machine in SINOBALER

Paper baling is the important process in the transportation from paper processors or paper brokers to paper mills. Scrap paper baler machine helps to save a lot in paper waste transportation and storage. SINOBALER has several type of different scrap paper baler machines for options. Vertical mill size baler, Manual tie horizontal baler and fully automatic baler are all available for baling paper waste.


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