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Scrap Yards Baler Machine

What does scrap yards take?

Waste recycling are quite essential to reduce what goes to the landfill and save resources to produce new materials. Scrap yard is the place which bring unused materials to right place for recycling. Of course, scrap yards can make money from such activities. But what kind of useful materials do scrap yards take? For example, cardboard, paper waste, plastic bottles, old wires, copper, aluminum, brass, steels, and electrical equipment etc. Scrap valuable metals are the materials scrap yards are most interested in. People can receive cash payments from scrap yards when they bring these useful materials to scrap yards. So such recycling keeps useful materials out of landfills.

The function of scrap yards baler in scrap yards

Scrap yards separate different kind of waste materials and deliver them to the right place for recycling. The function of scrap yards baler is to compress materials into dense and rectangular bales for easy handling, transportation and storage cost saving. Also bales can improve the facility safety.

SINOBALER scrap yards baler

SINOBALER manufacturers and provides easy and reliable balers for scrap yards and the scrapping industry. Most of these balers are heavy duty vertical balers and horizontal balers. Our heavy duty dual ram baler is the ideal solution for small scale materials or non-ferrous materials such aluminum. Manual-tie horizontal baler is the best choice for medium size of recycling materials. Once you have large scale of materials waiting for baling, a fully automatic horizontal baler or L-type twin ram automatic baler is the right way to go. If it is a large capacity baling requirement from tough ferrous metals, you will need a three compression baler with charge box and baling chamber are reinforced.

Also you can equip the material feeding system like conveyor to load materials into hopper automatically. The automatic operation from material feeding to bale exit can make whole baling process more efficient and productive. Contact SINOBALER today for your own scrap yards baler.

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