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Seaweed Baler Machine

Seaweed is a source of proteins. It can also be applicable in animal feeds, fuels, and pharmaceuticals etc. The complete seaweed harvest value chain system can be planting, harvesting, drying, densification, transportation and utilization. Baling and pelleting are two common densification methods. Using a seaweed baler machine in seaweed baling process is quite efficient.


Seaweed baler machine in Seaweed densification

Baling is an ideal solution for densification. When farmers sell dried seaweed to local companies, seaweed bales can easily be loaded onto truck or boats. Also the dense seaweed bales can maximize the loading capacity of truck or container. This is really cost down in transportation. So a seaweed baler machine is an useful and cost effective size reduction machine in seaweed densification. This seaweed baling press machine uses high pressures to compress the seaweed into tight bales which are quite easy for movement. Of course, the loose seaweed after drying can also be compacted and delivered in bags to final customers.


Seaweed baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER offers several type of baling machines especially suitable for seaweed baling purpose. Both vertical balers and bagging balers are ideal baling machine for this material. Vertical baler meets simple seaweed baling requirements. From mini vertical baler to heavy duty dual ram vertical baler, your baling capacity and density decide which machine is the most suitable. Baling and bagging baler has both baling and bagging functions. If you want to have same weight bales, scale weighing baling and bagging machine is the choice. If your baling and bagging capacity is higher, heavy duty baling and bagging baler is the good option.

For example, your seaweed is with 30-35% moisture content. Also you prefer the bale size in rectangular shape and bale weight between 5-15kg. Our mini baler SVB2-S-100 and scale weighing horizontal bagging baler SHB1-SW-50 are both good recommendations under your baling requirement.

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