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Sheep Wool Baler Machine

What is sheep wool baler?


Sheep wool baler is the compressing machine to bale the sheep wool. Sheep wool is one kind of the textile fibers obtained from sheep. The sheep wool has many uses. It can be available for making clothes, blankets, carpet, etc.. It is also applicable in the area of insulation and upholstery. Generally speaking, sheep wool is a very practical material and it is widely used in all aspects of life. It makes our daily demand for wool is also high. As we all know that, the sheep wool is a highly stretchable material. In other words, it is very fluffy. Fluffy material normally is not easy to transport due to its big size. So the transportation cost normally is very high. Sheep wool baler is a great help to solve the problem by compressing the sheep wool into dense bales.


What are the advantages of sheep wool baler?


– Labor-saving

The sheep wool baler is electric controlled. Basically it only need one person to operate during the whole process. One person can feed the sheep wool into the sheep wool baler, press the sheep wool, and pack the sheep wool with plastic bags etc..


– High efficiency

The press process of the sheep wool baler is automatic. You just need to press the start button, the plate of the sheep wool baler will go down automatically and press the material. After you finish packing the bale with plastic bag and plastic straps, you just need to press the button again. The plate will go up to the top automatically. The unloaded cycle time of the machine normally is only 39-48 seconds.


– Availability for bale wrapping

As you know that, the tying method of the most of the balers is tying the bale with steel wire, and plastic rope, etc. In that way, the material normally are exposed. This method is workable for baling the general waste like cardboard or plastic bottles. You do not need to care about if the bales will get wet or dirty when they are exposed. But for sheep wool, we should protect it from water and dirt. Because we need the clean material for the next process. Sheep wool baler makes it possible to wrap the bale with plastic bag or plastic sheet which can protect the sheep wool from getting damp or stained.


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