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Shoddy Baler Machine / Shoddy Baling Press

What is shoddy baler machine?

Shoddy baler, just as its name implies, is a defective and fake machine which with low quality and   poorly craftsmanship like most the shoddy products.


Why there are shoddy baler machine?

Under the hot competitive circumstances, some baler machine manufacturers improve their sales with the help of constant innovation and good reputation. Some of them improve the management methods to survive from the fierce competition. However, some baler manufacturers use the low price strategy to take over the market. They reduce the cost of baler machine in various different ways to keep the cost in a very low level. So they have to use low quality steel and components to reduce the manufacturing cost. Also workers do not use drawing to make baler which is a headache to after sales service. Many manufacturing process is deleted to enhance the delivery period. As such the shoddy baling press machine is available under such conditions.


What is the disadvantage of shoddy baler machine?

-The lifespan of the shoddy baler machine is short.

The low quality of material and poorly manufactured will affect the lifespan of the baler machine. The steel body of the baler may go rusty easily and the hydraulic system may have some problems like oil leaking.

-The maintenance cost of the shoddy baler is high

If the baler machine has running problem, you have to spend a lot of time and money on the maintenance. It includes buying replacement components, hiring professional technical engineer to commissioning, etc.

-The work efficiency of the shoddy baler is low

If the baler machine breaks down frequently, it will be out of service for quite a while. All the work should be held down until the machine is fixed.


Why SINOBALER refuses shoddy baler?

SINOBALER is a well-known brand in baling machine industry with high reputation. SINOBLAER offer baling machines to the customers all over the world. We provide size reduction solutions to thousands of companies around the world and gain good feedback. SINOBALER is a brand you can trust.


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