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Short Fiber Baler Machine

What is short fiber baler?

Short fiber baler, understanding from the name, is a baler machine with the function of baling short fibers. It means to press the short fibers and make them into bales. Short fibers generally refer to chemical short fibers. We can also call it staple fiber. It means to cut the long format tows into smaller segments with a certain length. As we all know that, the short fibers are very fluffy material and in light weight. When it comes to transportation and storage, these bulky material can be very troublesome. Therefore, we could use the short fiber baler to make the loose short fibers into dense bales. With the help of it, we can store and transport the short fibers more efficiently.

Why we need short fiber baler?
The short fiber baler has many advantages. Except for the benefits of saving places for storage and transportation, it is also a very important machine in short fiber recycle business. The short fibers are with the features of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, good molding process performance, etc. This material is widely used in many fields such as aerospace, construction, etc. Extensive use will inevitably produce a lot of waste. To recycle the waste short fibers, it can help us save energy and protect

Short fiber baler in SINOBALER
In SINOBALER machine series, the most common used short fiber baler is Lifting Chamber Baler. This baler is a kind of vertical baler. The design of this baler is very suitable for baling short fibers and other types of fibers, especially textile fibers. For packing the bales, this machine can not only allow you to use straps for tying. In the meanwhile, you can also use the plastic bags to wrap the whole bales. Therefore, if you also have clean and new short fibers to handle, this machine will be your perfect choice by allowing wrapping by plastic bags or sheets.