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Shrinking System Automatic Baler Machine

What type of baler is a shrinking system automatic baler? 

There are basically two types of balers available, horizontal balers and vertical balers. The basic difference between these two types of balers is how they compress the recyclable wastes. Vertical balers compress recyclable waste from above (vertically), while a horizontal baler compresses the waste from the side (horizontally). Shrinking system automatic baler is such a typical automatic horizontal baler

Features of shrinking system automatic baler 

Shrinking system automatic balers are open ended horizontal balers. The shrinking system functions at the outlet of the machine by making the outlet port smaller than the compressing chamber. This acts like a door to some extent and also improves bale density. Shrinking system automatic balers are with top loading hopper. So you can feed the machine with conveyor, grab machine, forklift, skid-load or air blowing cyclone system. Their “top feed” design lends itself to accept large quantities of recyclable material during each feeding. Such machine features full automation from material feeding, material compression, bale tying to automatic ejection of finished bales. With the fully automatic operation, the shrinking system automatic balers only require the least labor involvement compared with other types of balers. So these balers are well suited for large operations or businesses with a large quantity of recyclable material.

Shrinking system automatic baler from SINOBALER

As a pioneer baling machine manufacturer in China, SINOBALER provides several exceptional models of shrinking system automatic baler with different sizes to cope with clients’ various baling needs. Baling capacity ranges from around 1 ton per hour up to 16 tons per hour. Our shrinking system automatic balers combine advanced computer controlled operation with reliable hydraulics and heavy duty frame construction. They are suitable for baling a wide range of waste materials, such as cardboard, OCC, carton, biomass, natural fiber, coconut fiber, hay, straw, alfalfa, plastic film and other soft materials. So contact us today for the right automatic baler for your specific baling needs. 

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