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Single Chamber Baler Machine

Single chamber baler machine is the most popular design in the baler market. From mini marine baler to heavy duty dual ram baler, single chamber baler is always the basic and most popular design due to its simple and easy operation.


What is the advantage of single chamber baler compared to multi-chamber baler?

The typical multi chamber baler is twin chamber baler or two chamber baler. What is the advantage of single chamber baler considering the two chamber baler? Take textile baler for example, both single chamber lifting chamber baler and swivel twin lifting chamber baler are ideal to compress textile materials like used clothes, cotton and rags into dense bales.

So what is your ideal option? You should know the difference between both baler machines. Single chamber lifting chamber baler is very easy to operate. Just simply press a button and the chamber will be lifted automatically before strapping. Simple action normally causes less maintenance cost. Of course, the cost of single chamber baler is much lower than twin chamber baler. But if you want to enhance your working efficiency and save labor cost, the swivel twin lifting chamber baler is ideal choice. Because it can achieve the baling and materials feeding in the same time. So two worker are always busy with working either feeding the materials or baling the materials. There is no time waste for waiting compressing chamber up and down. Hence, it can save enhance the working efficiency and also cost effective to labor.


Single chamber baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has many different type of single chamber balers for your wide application options. Mini vertical baler is very suitable for small size baling needs and it is popular as marine baler. Mill size vertical baler is ideal for cardboard baling if the output is not too much. Lifting chamber baler is ideal for textile waste baling purpose. Heavy duty dual ram baler is a good option for high rebound materials like tire and fiber. Drum crusher aims to flatten the large size drums or barrels into a piece one. So just contact SINOBALER and we will tailor your baling needs based on your own requirements.


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