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Single Ram Compactor or Single Cylinder Baler

Single cylinder baler or single ram compactor, what is it?

In a waste management, cost cutting plays the important role like in any other fields. Lots and lots of techniques and strategies have been introduced and followed to promote effective cost cutting. Waste reduction is one such technique which is proved to be successful and effective. So a number of waste reduction machines were started entering the field in helping and saving money.

In general, a single ram compactor is a waste reducing machine. They help in processing the unprocessed waste through a single cylinder or single ram. So the waste can be transported without much expense and fuss. This is one of the best options for the compactor. They not only save money but also have good command over power, space, and safety.


What’s so special?

Many will argue that a compactor is not an original waste reduction machine. Maybe they are not or maybe they are. Because it totally depends on the way one see and operate the machine.  They will not be considered as a waste reducer if they don’t have the required qualifications and they are well known for their,

  • – Good Payloads.
  • – Material drawback timing.
  • – Less spring back.
  • – No Chute jamming.
  • – Less mess more work.

And much more are to be taken into consideration.


Loading capacity:

A single cylinder baler or single ram compactor has better loading capacity that of the others. The higher the loading capacity the bigger the saving which practically means a lot.


Less drawback:

The material drawback is one of the major hindrances in the effectiveness of a baling machine. But in the single ram compactor, they are reduced to a greater amount which automatically increases the working effect of the machine.


Less spring back:

When breaking a waste the ram have to move up and down thereby releasing the pressure on them. So this will effectively make the waste and crushed material in moving back again, which results in breaking the same waste again and again. However, with the single ram compactor, the spring back capacity is reduced to a considerable rate.


No Chute jamming:

While operating a baling machine, one must follow the instructions mentioned in the baling press machine. If it says only 50-ton capacity then, only the same amount of material should be feed into it. If neglected will leads to Chute jamming, which will take a lot more time to rectify may sometimes lead to machine defaults. With proper maintenance, this Chute jamming will be nullified.


Less mess more work:

If a single ram compactor is designed to a sealed machine specifically for the safety of the operators and workers around, they also will make the cleaning work much easier as the spill and all process will happen within the sealed container. Less mess will automatically lead a more working time.



Apart from this, there are also speed, footprint, power consumption and various factors which make the single ram compactor a powerful and effective tool in waste management. They are also less expensive than the others like two cylinder baler or two ram compactor. Lots of manufacturers are offering special offers and deals for this special product.


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