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Sliding Door Baler Machine

Many companies experience a growing interest in and need for sorting and compacting their waste recyclables. Vertical baler is an easy and cost effective choice as a start. Vertical balers have different door type for options. How to select your ideal door type? The type of baler door significantly affects the efficiency and comfort of the machine especially when the baler is installed in a small space. In SINOBALER vertical balers, standard left or right opening door is the most popular type of door. But vertical sliding door is always selected in some particular cases. Such sliding door balers have good market especially in narrow space facilities.

The benefits of sliding door baler

Sliding door designed baler allows loading materials from both sides of the baler. It also reduces the space required to operate the baler. So it is quite suitable to have this design door baler placed in a narrow space or near the busy passage. The operator can manually open and close the door by sliding the door vertically. The operation is quite straight forward.

Vertical Sliding door balers in SINOBALER

The vertical sliding door can be chosen as an option in Mill Size Balers and Long Stroke Balers. This vertical sliding door has extra wide filling opening which contributes the convenient and efficient material feeding especially when the material is big. It also reduces space occupation. When platen goes up, the sliding door will be lifted up automatically which promotes work efficiency and saves labor. SINOBALER mill size balers are ideal for baling cartons, corrugated cardboard and other packaging materials. SINOBALER long stroke balers are ideal baling solutions for PET bottles, disposable plastic tableware, HDPE/PP containers, pop/soda cans, etc.

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