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Small Bale Baler Machine

Bale size can be designed for different purposes. For same baling materials like alfalfa, both small bales and large bales are available. On the farm side, large bales will be more and more popular due to the labor cost. But still there is big market for small bales direct selling. The baling machine which can produce small bales is called small bale baler.

Small bale baler in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several type of small bale balers.

1. Mini baler

Mini baler is our most smallest vertical baler. The standard small bale size for this baler is L600mm(24″) * W400mm(16″) * H200mm(8″). You will see that the height of the bale is very low. This is because most of our mini balers are used in ship where it has very limited height for baler installation.

2. Scale weighing baling and bagging machine

This machine combines scale weighing, baling and bagging functions in one machine. Our standard smallest bale size for this machine can be L400mm(16″) * W300mm(12″) * H100mm(4″). It is widely applied in pet food factories, animal bedding material factories, textile recycling facilities etc.

3. Lifting chamber baler

This baler is mostly applied in textile industry. The standard small bale size for this machine is L700mm(27″) * W400mm(16″) * H350mm(14″).

4. Swivel twin lifting chamber baler

This is also a popular baler for textile industry. It features with swivel twin lifting chamber which can achieve material feeding and compressing at the same time. So it is much more efficient than common lifting chamber baler. The standard small bale size for this machine is L700mm(27″) * W400mm(16″) * H300mm(12″).

Of course, bale size can be customized per customer’s individual requirement. SINOBALER aims to work out the ideal baling solution for different projects of all kinds of materials. If you have any small bale requirement, SINOBALER is always here for help.


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