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Small Baler For Sale

All we know baler is a good size reduction machine to compress materials into dense bales. Many industries need balers for saving transportation and storage cost. And small baler for sale is especially popular since the investment is not much but you can have a good baler for compacting purpose.


Small baler for sale in the market

Small balers can be in many different styles for different material baling purpose.

The most popular one is the small square baler in farming equipment. This kind of small baler is also popular as mini hay baler or mini round hay baler. It is widely used in baling hay and forage in the farm and bales are in round status.

Small balers can be small vertical baler or small horizontal baler if it is a small hydraulic baler. For different baling materials, small balers are totally different. For example, if you have small amount of paper and plastic waste, SINOBALER mini baler is your ideal choice. Because it only requires very few space and it is a small investment. This is why mini baler is popular as marine baler in many vessels. If you need to bale small and loose articles like wood shavings, SINOBALER scale weighing bagging baler or lower compressing pressure bagging baler is your first choice. Because this baling machine can achieve the baling and bagging in one machine. So it is very suitable. For baling metal barrels, SINOBALER drum crusher is the best solution. This drum baler machine can reduce a lot space for this kind of large metal drums.


Small baler for Sale in SINOBALER

SINOBALER manufactures a complete line of hydraulic baling press machines. We have several type of small balers for your different materials’ baling purpose. Mini vertical balers, small baling and bagging machines or drum crushers are all typical popular small balers in our product range. So just contact SINOBALER if you have any baling requirements.


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