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Small Cardboard Baler Machine

Cardboard waste is a common waste. There are many different kind of cardboard balers in the market. From small cardboard baler machines to large cardboard baler machines, cardboard baler is always an important compacting machine in cardboard recycling. Small cardboard baler is very useful in some cardboard collection facility to save transportation cost or storage cost.


Where you need a small cardboard baler machine?

Each vessel should equip a small baler for cardboard, plastics and other waste baling purpose. So mini cardboard baler is ideal in this case for the small space installation.

Supermarkets always have many cardboard packaging waste. If these cardboard scraps are not handled in time, it really occupy so much space. So a small cardboard baler is an useful stockroom baler to save much cost in storage. Department stores or grocery stores also have same situation. This baler can greatly reduce your waste handling and labor cost.

Cardboard manufacturing and cardboard waste recycling facilities also need at least a small cardboard baler for daily cardboard compaction purpose. If the baling output requirement is higher, a heavy duty cardboard vertical baler or even fully automatic cardboard baler is available to choose.


Small cardboard baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER offers two kind of small cardboard balers for efficient compaction of cardboard waste. Mini cardboard baler and common vertical cardboard baler are both ideal to compress cardboard scraps into dense bales. They are both down stroke balers. Mini cardboard baler has three standard models for option. You can use it for bale weight from 20kg to 120kg. Small footprint and height is the advantage if your baling output is so small. Standard vertical cardboard baler is one of the most popular vertical down stroke balers. It has several unique operating features, making the most efficient and versatile baler in the market place today. The robust design and market-leading build quality also can ensure many years of reliable operation. Contact SINOBAELR for your own small cardboard balers. View cardboard shredders.