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Soda Bottles Baler Machine

Soda drinks are very popular in our daily life. All of us are familiar with the top-selling soda drinks such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi. We consumed large amount of soda drinks worldwide. But how to dispose of these huge amount scrap soda bottles? Reusing or recycling soda bottles is the ideal solution for both environment and economy. Soda bottles baler and shredder machines together with other recycling machinery make whole waste recycling more efficient.

Are Soda bottles recyclable?

First, we should answer the question: What are soda bottles made of? Soft drinks normally use PET bottles, glass bottles and aluminum cans as containers. PET bottles are the most popular containers since PET is a strong but lightweight plastic. Luckily, PET is a recyclable plastic and it also has very high recycling rate compared to glass and aluminum.

Soda bottles recycling

A large number of soda bottles such as PET bottles are produced and thrown away every year. This creates serious environment problem for the Earth. Take PET soda bottles for example, a PET recycling line is quite necessary to improve whole recycling efficiency. Soda bottles balers compress soda bottles into dense bales and make them easy to be delivered to plastic recycling center. Label removing, shredding and grinding, washing, drying are main recycling processes before you have final flakes for new plastic products purpose.

Soda bottles balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER as baler pioneer, offers a complete line of baling machines for various type of materials. Both PET bottles and aluminum cans for soda drinks are well compressed in our past experience. There are many type of vertical balers and horizontal balers for your different capacity options. Long stroke vertical baler is the most popular vertical baler for these hollow containers. Manual-tie horizontal baler and fully automatic baler are also ideal soda bottles balers in horizontal force product range. So when you have a soda bottles baling request, please do not heasitate to contact our Sinobaler team for the most suitable baler recommendation.

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