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Sorghum Straw Baler Machine

Sorghum is a kind of warm season forage crops and cultivated in warmer climates worldwide. It is one of the most important staple foods especially in Asia and Africa because it grows quickly and yield well. Normally it is used for grain, fiber, fodder, and production of alcoholic beverages etc. Baling sorghum brings many benefits and this is why people prefer to have a sorghum straw baler for easy handling.

The benefits of baling sorghum

1. Baling sorghum is able to expand storage when bunks are full. So it is a low cost solution for storing long-term sorghum straw.

2. Sorghum bales also provide convenience for moving them from one place to other various locations. So you can plan your time better.

3. Baling sorghum with a higher moisture content also reduces leaf loss and gives producers high quality protein.

4. Make good and heavy sorghum bales. Because selling in bales is a good solution for direct sale.

5. Sorghum is a good feed source. So it is a popular forage crop in livestock production systems. For example, cattle love the baled sorghum very much.

Sorghum straw baler machines

There are versatile sorghum straw balers in the market. You can choose either rectangular bale or round bale when selecting the shape of the bales. Also you can choose diesel type and motor type for different power force options.

Mini hay baler is one of the most popular sorghum straw baler with round bales. It is quite good for farmers if the scale is not large. When you have large amount of sorghum for baling, a large fully automatic baler is the ideal option for easy handling and efficient work. Contact SINOBALER to discuss your own sorghum straw baling requirements. Then our professional team will tailor your case and recommend the most suitable baler for you.

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