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Square Baler Machine For Sale

Square baler machine here refers to the baler which can produce square bales. For industrial purpose baler machines, most of them are square balers. But for contractors and farmers, round balers are more popular because round baler is much lower in purchasing cost.


The advantages of square baler machine

  1. – Square bales have more storage and handling benefits due to its square shape. They shaped like bricks so that they are ideal for stacking. For exporting purpose, square bales are much more popular because they are easier loading to the container and make sure the maximum loading per shipment. This saves a lot in storage cost and transportation cost.
  2. – Square balers can operate non-stop, pushing out bale after bale if your baling materials are enough. Also it can work with mechanical bale feeders which greatly improve the working efficiency.
  3. – The density of square bales are much higher than round bales. For one container loading, higher density bales means lower transportation cost per kilogram. This is why baler purchaser and baler manufacturer both race to find new solutions to increase bale density and reduce single bale producing time.


Square baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER brand baler machines are all in square bales. Higher compressing force creates higher density bales. Of course the cost of higher pressure baler will be greater because the overall machine framework and hydraulic system are improved to match the greater pressure. Vertical type compressing force and horizontal type compressing force are two different direction force. The square compressing chamber makes sure the bale shape. Different compressing chamber sizes determine the different bale sizes. Same bale size but with higher bale weight means the higher compressing force is applied. Contact SINOBALER if you need a square baler machine.


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