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Standalone Baler Machine

What is standalone baler?

Standalone baler is the baling machine which can be installed independently for use. That means this kind of baler can be operated independently without coordination with other equipment.

What is the classification of standalone baler?

There are many classifications for standalone balers. You can have either pneumatic baling press or hydraulic baling press based on drive power. From different kind of applications, standalone baling machine can be divided into waste paper baler, metal baler, straw baler, cotton baler, plastic baler, textile baler, etc. Accordingly to the structure or the direction of compressing force, you can have vertical standalone baling machine and horizontal standalone baling machine. From the automatic operation level, you can also have automatic standalone baling machine, semi-automatic standalone baling machine and manual standalone baling machine.

What are the advantages of standalone baler?

  1. Save cost for investment

It is easy to know that we can operate the standalone balers independently without support from other equipment. So when we consider to invest a baler, we only need to consider the baler cost if it is a standalone baler.

  • Easy installation

The standalone balers normally are sold and shipped as a whole, so there is almost no installation required. What we need to do is to prepare some hydraulic oil for filling in the oil tank for running the machine. For the large sized or heavy duty standalone machine, we might take down some parts such as hopper, cylinder for saving the shipping space. The installation of these parts is also very easy. We just need to install some screws for fixing these parts.

  • Easy operation

For operating the standalone balers, we just need to press buttons and switches. There are buttons like “start”, “stop”, “emergency stop”, etc. which are listed on the electric control cabinet of the machine.

Standalone baler in SINOBALER

Machine is a long term investment, and we know what clients look for is an effective return on investment, so we are working very seriously to build reliable machines that are durable, easy to maintain and operate. SINOBALER has a complete line of standalone balers for your wide options. Just contact our Sales representative to tailor your baling requirement case by case today.

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